In a world where only a few persist, I allow myself to dream. The bigger the dream, the bigger the fight. And I know about fighting. I face it. I do not run away. What does not kill me, makes me stronger. I always want more. I believe in the power of overcoming. It does not matter if they tell me otherwise, I believe in myself. I am inspirational and perspiring. I am fierce, ambitious, bold and focused. I’m crazy. Crazy about sports, crazy about competing. I am a team, but also myself.

I am loyal, brave and ethical. I’m persevering. I am empowered and empowering. I am a brand and I am a family. I’m a friend and I’m a partner. I am in love. I’m determined. I am fury and I am calm. I am peace and fatigue. I am strength and power. I am the resistance. I’m the sweat. I’m the motivation. I am your will to win. I am you. I know you cannot stop for anything, not for a minute,
and so I’ll help you to go even further. I will cheer you on, push you forward, be your feet and yourarms.

I will be your ally on your path of overcoming the hurdles each day. We were born for this: to overcome. No matter where you want to go, I’ll always be by your side, ready to keep you standing, pick you up from the falls and applaud your success. I’m Foost.

I am you.